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Flight to Kurilskoe lake


Kurilskoye Lake, in the southern part of the peninsula, offers a glimpse of a paradise lost elsewhere on the planet. Sockeye salmon choke the mouths of streams, huge brown bears and their cubs feed on cloudberries in the surrounding sun-dappled meadows, while a giant stellar sea eagle rides the thermals on the flanks of one of the volcanoes ringing the lake. Boulders made of porous volcanic rock float at the edge of the lake, seemingly defying gravity. Enjoy our Kamchatka bear viewing tours which we combined with a trip into the crater of Ksudach volcano and bathing in hot springs of Khodutka river!


After taking permission for flight fly via helicopter from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Kurilskoe lake and land at the doorstep of a remote wilderness lodge in prime Kamchatka bear viewing country.

Here you'll have a good chance of taking great, close-up shots of bears fishing for migrating salmon. At Kurilskoe sockeye salmon spawn from spring until early winter and huge Kamchatka brown bears patrol the shoreline. The Kamchatka Bears are referred to as the Brown Bear because of their dark brown coat. Their color is due in part to a diet of salmon, which are rich in oils and minerals. Their diet consists mostly of berries and small rodents. You'll see bears fishing just a few step away from you. Then helicopter MI-8 will fly back to PKC with 2 additional stops. The flight offers spectacular scenic views of the Kcudach volcano. You will make an excursion to the Schtubelya and Klyuchevoe crater lakes (located in a crater of Ksudach Volcano) and visit hot springs on the lake's shore. Another stop will be for bathe in the thermal hot water of the Khodutka River.



This itinerary takes you to one of the most remote parts of the world. Please also note that weather circumstances may change the day of excursion as to take advantage of good weather. It is possible for flights on a given day to be cancelled or delayed due to poor visibility, high winds, or precipitation somewhere along the route. It”s possible that even if skies are sunny at the helicopter port, fog in the Valley can prevent landing. Safety is the utmost concern. Weather and other unforeseen circumstances can necessitate changes in the schedule and we make every effort to adhere to this program.

The flight takes about one hour and fifteen minutes, three hours are spent Kurilskoe lake and then there is a lunch after which you return to heliport in Yelizovo with 2 stop on Ksudach volcano and Khodutka hot springs. This trip with round trip helicopter flights is typically 7-8 hours in length.Kurilskoe lake

Price 36000 RUB


  • Transfers by helicopter MI-8;
  • Lunch (a box lunch is served on this trip);
  • Guide services;

All permit fees,

Transfer to heliport & back

Confirm the trip has the minimum needed to operate before buying your airline tickets to Kamchatka.






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